Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to create a Podcast Intro

Are you a podcaster looking for a way to make your podcast sound a little more professional? A podcast intro is a good start.

First, you need to decide on the right music. If you're doing a company podcast, corporate music (horns, strings, woodwinds) usually fits the bill. If you're creating a personal podcast about a light topic (the joy of living in a high-rise condo), then a jazz track might be suitable. If you're doing a podcast about organic products, then you might want to consider a more mellow new-age track.

After you've decided on the music for your intro, I suggest you write a brief opening. Something like, "Podcasting from Austin, Texas -- the live music capital of the world, the city that gave you Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, and the Armadillo World Headquarters -- this is Audio Advice, a podcast about everything audio. Hear the latest audio news and techniques for making better recordings. Hello, I'm Jack Josey. Welcome to another edition of Audio Advice." Establish a few seconds of your music before pulling the music volume down slightly to read your introduction. And then it's nice to have a few seconds of music to finish up the intro.

It's important that you use royalty-free music for your intro. Anything else other than royalty-free music could get you sued by the recording artist. We offer royalty-free music tracks at Yes, this is a blatant advertisement to sell music tracks ... but, hey, you gotta buy 'em somewhere. You might as well buy them from a company that produces music with podcasters in mind. Our 30-second music tracks are $12.77 each.

And now for the next topic. A brief musical interlude between topics helps make your podcast sound a little smoother. Audiobag offers short music tracks (under 30 seconds in length) called transitions starting at $3.77. We especially like these because it's so much nicer to move on to the next topic without having to say, "And now for the next topic." Let the music say it for you.

If you're just not up for producing your own podcast intro, consider having a professional voice over talent do it for you (we create custom podcast intros at Regardless of whether you do it yourself or have someone else produce it, we believe an intro will definitely improve the sound of your podcast. Good luck with it.

Now, go be creative!


Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

take it from me, Jack knows what he is talking about! He has created very high-quality intros and outros for several shows I am producing for clients and every one of them is thrilled with what he has done!

Thanks, Jack!

Jack Josey said...

Thank you for the nice comments. Good thing you can't see me. I'm blushing. Gulp.

JoAnn Chambers said...

Thanks, just what I need to get me going

Jack Josey said...

JoAnn, I'm glad you got something out of the blog. Good luck with our podcast.

Al said...

Hi thanks for the tips. I ordered an intro from Audiobag and I'm really happy with it, well worth the money. Make sure you use internet explorer as the download button would not appear in Firefox after the transaction completed. Cheers. Al

Adlan said...

Really useful info! I'm actually starting to enjoy podcasting! :)

Anonymous said...